Big Sur OS is a launching pad for a whole new generation of Apple products and promises to bring back the miracle that has always been uniquely Apple.  Big Sur OS is the first step in unifying Mac OS and IOS into a cohesive union that trades functionality on levels never seen before. 

Apple is moving away from its long relationship with chip maker Intel and forging its own future with their new M1 chip.  Apple builds the M1 chip on a 5-nanometer process, with transistors measured on the atomic scale, and specs many times greater than chips currently in use.  The M1 chip will enable Apple to strengthen its platform by utilizing the M1 in both mobile and desktop devices.

First thing to know is that Big Sur OS is a major release, and not something to take lightly.  It will cause many legacy programs to stop working.  Catalina was my wake-up call to get rid of my dependance on programs unable to upgrade from legacy functionality.  Nothing lasts forever, and if a favorite application hasn’t kept up with the times, it is time to ditch it and move on.  Software, like hardware, has advanced exponentially, bringing robust security and functionality across the board, and moving on is moving ahead.  Big Sur is worth the effort and really is a turning point for Apple customers.

Before upgrading to Big Sur OS, it is important to complete all updates of the operating system, and the applications.  Restart the computer and make sure all running applications are stopped.  Go to System Preferences/Software Update and check for updates.  Follow the instructions for upgrade and be patient as the process unfolds.  However, if the process gets hung up, it is possible the entire process will have to be started again.

After installing Big Sur OS, check for application updates in the App Store.  Update all applications before exploring Big Sur.  Completing updates on any device this way ensures there are no compatibility issues down the road.

Big Sur OS is familiar and different at the same time.  While the layout has changed little from the Catalina OS, the functionality has undergone a makeover.  Big Sur OS has new icons, colors, and a smooth operation that will work out some reported issues with prior Mac OS versions.  Speed is noticeably better across all applications, and the native application improvements continue to solidify the polished nature of the Apple OS.