The iPhone SE 2020 is a great phone with solid performance.  I purchased one after cooking my iPhone X in the summer heat and didn’t want to foot the bill for another $1000 phone.  I had an iPhone 7 before the iPhone X so I thought the iPhone SE 2020 would be at least as good as the iPhone 7.  It is not as good it is far better.

The iPhone SE 2020 is basically and upgraded iPhone 8.  It has a newer chipset making it faster, and more capable than its predecessor, with new functionality across the board.  While it looks and feels like the iPhone 8 it is a far better phone.

With the A13 chipset, iPhone SE 2020 never seems to get bogged down.  Often, I will close 20 or more running applications, not because of it slowing the phone down, but because that is what I have always been used to doing.  Apple has optimized this little phone and given it power many users would never need.

Apple cameras are always solid performers, and the SE holds true to its lineage.  The SE has a 12MP rear camera, and a 7MP rear camera.  New software allows for almost instant access by pressing the home button and then swiping the screen to the left.  Low light shots are good, and portrait mode is a pleasant feature.  After having the iPhone X, I am of the mind that phone cameras are good for most pictures, but to take specific pictures, it is time to buy a real camera with a good zoom.

iPhones just work, plain and simple.  Setting up email, wireless, casting videos, and all the other things one might want to do are nearly effortless with the iPhone SE 2020.  Many times, when streaming movies to a tv my iPhone SE 2020 is my device of choice, even over a MacBook Pro or an iPad.

In the end it is all down to what a person is going to use the phone for, and how big of a screen they think they need.  Myself, I don’t use my phone for gaming, or media consumption as I would prefer to use an iPad or Mac.  If you are the type of person that doesn’t need a Phablet, the iPhone SE 2020 will provide a solid user experience with the reliable quality, and user-friendly software Apple is known for.