MacBook Pro 16” is the first MacBook Pro I have had since 2008, and it is not a disappointment. I should have written this review a year ago, but at the time the MacBook Pro 16” did not impress me. After upgrading to Big Sur OS, I have reconsidered. The few things that seemed to be missing, or poorly integrated, are no longer an issue with Big Sur OS.

The build quality of the MacBook Pro 16” is what everyone expects to see out of a top of the line Apple product. It is a testimony to what they can machine out of aircraft aluminum, and how thin something they can make. Truly a work of art and second to none.

They keep ports basic on the MacBook Pro 16” with four Thunderbolt 3 USB C ports, and a headphone jack. With one of the many adapters on the market today, it is possible to connect nearly anything you want.

Startup is near thirty seconds from a dead stop, but once brought to life, the MacBook Pro 16” plays a symphony of CPU magic. Applications fire at will, and Mac OS just keeps getting better. Add a portable SSD like the Samsung T7 and using Time Machine you will not have to worry about losing your data.

The Retina Display on this machine is as crisp and beautiful as any sold today. Color rendering and detail are as expected out of a top level display. Once again, the build quality is amazing with this display set in an ultra-thin hinged panel on the MacBook Pro 16”. 

The Keyboard hype is for real. I have used many keyboards, at work and home, this is the most responsive and comfortable ever. Coupled with the large track pad, there is ample room on the surface of the machine for the palms of your hands and wrists to make a light approach or rest. After one year of regular use the keyboard is like the day I bought the MacBook Pro 16”. 

The Track Pad is large, purposeful, and a joy to use. Apple OS adopted gestures back with my first MacBook Pro in 2008, but the work that has gone into gestures since then makes them as refined as the machine itself. One finger, two finger, three finger, four finger, thumb and forefinger gestures allow you to access views of running applications, applications, page views, scrolling, zooming, look up, and more. 

The Touch Bar is a gained taste. I use it regularly for sound and light controls, but its uses apply with most of the Mac OS ecosystem. Learning its functionality is worth doing and will make use of an innovation Apple brought to market that enhances its already polished operating system.

Battery life is a full day of work or play. I don’t work with the graphic intensive programs for video, but I would imagine the machine will hold up to a fair amount of that use as well on battery power. The Thunderbolt 3 port allows for fast charging when needed, or working plugged in.

To wrap things up, the MacBook Pro 16” is an Apple product. There is a certain amount of love or hate involved with all Apple products from those who want more freedom. Yes, Apple is not like Windows, Android, or whatever else may be out there, and it is that way for a reason. The only way to develop and support products of this caliber is to control it. Most tech manufacturers use another company’s operating systems on their hardware, while Apple produces the product and the operating system. If you want something that works right out of the box, has free operating system upgrades, and free applications most people will use, then MacBook Pro 16” is a superb choice.